ID PLAcosmetics were developed to treat patients’ sensitive skin after surgery and treatment. The founder of ID, Park Sang-hoon, is heading a new cosmetic brand which is different from existing cosmetic brands. This cosmetic line is created based on his 15 years of surgical experience and the results from data collected from over 830,000 facial cosmetic surgeries.


– Moving of ID Placosmetics HQ
– Launching of “ID FACE FIT” Product Line
– Lotte Duty Free Shop Launching
– Malaysia Branch Established
– Malaysia Watsons & MUSE Launching
– USA Sephora “Private Doctor by ID” Launching


– Pop up store at Nordstrom, USA
– Opened in Saks, USA
– Expansion of business in China (CJ IMC)
– Expansion of business in East Asia
(Thailand, Malaysia)(CJ IMC)
– Made contracts with UK, Turkey,
Vietnam, Cambodia and Philippines


– Launched Dermastic cicaproducts
– Launched Face-fit products
– Development of slimming cosmetic composition,
patent application
– Development of elastic cosmetic composition,
patent application
– Started medical and cosmetic business with
Suning group in China


– Launched V logic products
– Launched Dermastic products
– Launched Skin advise products
– R&D for slimming cosmetic composition
– R&D for elastic cosmetic composition


– Launched ID PLAcosmetic RAC protucts
– Launched cosmetic composition complex


– Opened ID Dermatology
– Development of swelling removal cosmetic
composition (RAC)
– Development of cosmetic composition
for V-line (VLC)


– ID clinic upgraded to ID Hospital
– R&D for advanced cosmetics for V-line


– R&D for cosmetic composition for swelling removal
– Opened ‘Face Diet’
– Popularization of face care


– Development of V-line square jaw surgery
– Published in the American Journal
of Cosmetic Surgery